Christian Dior Fall 2011 Couture

Designer: Bill Gaytten

Overall: The Dior couture show has been a point of excitement and anticipation for some time now. This year, the show was once again in the spotlight, but for very different reasons. This was to be the first Dior couture show without John Galliano since 1996. His right hand man, Bill Gaytten, was thrust into the spotlight and given the chance of a lifetime. So, how did everything turn out? You cannot deny Gaytten’s wonderful enthusiasm. It is obvious from the construction and sheer size of the collection that a lot or work went in to everything. However, something was missing. The collection felt busy and sometimes disjointed. It was as if this man, who had been working under Galliano for years, had been saving up ideas and let them all out in one show. The aesthetic we’ve come to associate with Dior was there, but was missing it’s “oomph”, the binding vision of John Galliano that put the pieces together and made it a whole collection. In short, Gaytten did (what I believe to be) his best given the circumstances. He only lacks the control that every designer must learn over time. That being said, there is still some beautiful craftsmanship in this collection that deserves seeing.