Switzerland-based American brand Seltzer has a fantastic knack for design and innovation. This is The Seven Year Pen. As the name suggests, this pen is supposed to last you for 7 whole years! An estimated 100,000,000 pens are discarded each year, which adds up to a lot of plastic in our landfills. If everyone used one of these pens we could seriously cut back on the amount of plastic that we’re just tossing away. So, how does the company manage to make a pen last 7 years? Well, the pen is said to have a wider than average ink cartridge encased inside it’s average-sized barrel. This wider cartridge allows the pen to hold a considerably larger amount of ink. And, if the usefulness and environmentally-friendly aspect weren’t enough to tempt you, these pens are aesthetically pleasing. They come in quite a few colors with simple graphics printed on the side on the top. The pen pictured above just happened to be my favorite (it has a pair of “nerd glasses” printed on the side).

Where: Seltzer

Cost: $7.50 each